Odong Brian

Odong Brian is a Ugandan that lives and works out of Germany. He is a creative designer for Bybit Africa & Zoomex. He’s also a photographer and does freelance work in his free time. 

Brian is currently building an events management brand and working on a short film along with his day job as a product designer.

Brian’s Workspace


  • Macbook Pro M2 2022
  • Monitor: Dell 27 inch 4K
  • M590 Logitech mouse 
  • Logitech MX keys mini for mac
  • Wall back light: Ulanzi RGB light
  • A mousepad I find super lit (not sure of the make)
  • Powered Ikea adjustable height table

Work Tools

  • Figma
  • Adobe Suite
  • Davinci resolve

What is the inspiration behind your space design and item catalogue?

“ The inspiration behind my space has been simplicity and comfort since I spend most of the time there. I have tried to upgrade and change a few times but most times i’m constrained by space and surely if i move to a new space i will make it worthwhile ”

Describe a typical work day

“So I wake up at 9am, yes 9am, I’m not that 6am early bird kinda guy. First thing i do is definitely switch off my alarm (haha) then check my telegram and Slack for design assignments or comments on design assignments. Coffee is a must, so I make me a cup of Uganda’s finest coffee and set up on my desk and start my day. Sometimes I have shoots so the the morning is about parking my gear, and checking out my shoot schedule. The day goes on like that with breaks for coffee, beer and food. I mostly stop work at 2am or 3am. I am a night owl and we all know designers really don’t have a life. I spend weekends either filming, photography and traveling or camping with friends but all this with intervals of work.”