Oliur (Ultra Linx)

For anyone who follows tech and apple ecosystem reviews on YouTube, Oliur needs no introduction. He started as a visual designer, but now does a mix of everything from media production to running e-commerce stores. Across his YouTube & Social accounts, he has over 350k followers and is personally one of; if not my favourite YouTuber and tech influencer.

Oliur’s Workspace


  • M1 MacBook Pro
  • ULX leather desk mat 
  • Sateshi USB-C hub
  • Apple Magic Mouse
  • Keychron K1 Bluetooth mechanical mouse
  • Herman Miller Aeron Chair
  • The Sway Walnut Desk
  • Ikea Alex Drawer Unit
  • Kanto YU2 Powered desktop speakers
  • Shure-mv7-usb-podcast mic
  • LG 27 inch monitor




Tripods and Rigging Gear

Work Tools

  • Final Cut Pro 
  • Sketch
  • Lightroom
  • Apple Notes

Inspiration behind your workspace

“For my desk, I had two requirements; Had to be a walnut desk and had to be a sitting/standing desk. I wanted a space where I could do my best work with the best tools available.”