Architect & Multi-disciplinary Designer from the Phillipines.

His passion lies in creating and designing things, particularly objects and spaces that enhance the user experience. He primarily work as a freelance architect, but also enjoys spending his free time doing graphic design, specialising in book layouts and thumbnail art.

You can find Emmie Here → Emmie on Instagram → Emmie on X (Formerly Twitter)

Emmie's Workspace


  • Monitor → LG 32UN880-B
  • Monitor light bar → Baseus I-Wok
  • Computers → Mac Mini M1 2020 and custom-built PC
  • Speakers → M-Audio AV42
  • Headphones → Audio Technica M30x
  • Keyboard → Keychron K3
  • Mouse → Logitech MX Master 3 
  • Chair → ErgoHome Ventus
  • Desk → ErgoHome Rise
  • Desk mat → Orbitkey Desk Mat (Medium)→
  • Web camera → Logitech C922 Pro
  • Docking station → Satechi Mac Mini Dock
  • Microphone → Blue Yeti

Work Tools

  • When it comes to architecture, I mainly use AutoCAD and Sketchup.
  • The Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro, is my go-to for multimedia and design work.
  • In music production, I use Logic Pro and some plugins.
  • Notion is my go-to project manager. It acts as my second brain, where I log all of my project materials, deliverables, task lists, content calendars, and ideas.

What is the inspiration behind your Space and item catalogue?

” It took me three years to finalise my current workspace as it takes a lot of time to carefully curate and consider each item.

I wanted to ensure that each item would not only improve my workflow but also enhance my overall experience and bring joy.

Ideally, I would have a separate office workspace, but for now, I make do with a bedroom workspace (That’s right — my bed is only a meter away from my desk.)

Despite this setup, I’m pretty happy with how it came out altogether. “

What does your typical day look like?

” I usually wake up between 8 to 9 in the morning and go through my morning routine.

This involves taking care of my personal hygiene, making a cup of coffee, and trying to spend some quiet time before diving into work.

In the first ten minutes of work, I check my business metrics across all my social media platforms and take a peek at my insights.

To be honest, the first app I open is either Instagram or YouTube, followed by Notion.

Using Notion, I check my task list, which I prepared the day before.

I prioritise and tackle the most demanding tasks in the morning, such as delivering to clients, creating new content for my channels, and working on key projects.

This way, I have a free afternoon to attend calls, have quick meetings, and go to the gym.

In the early evening, I take care of administrative tasks like reviewing my day and replying to emails, messages, comments, and texts.

I also use this time to journal, plan, and prepare for the next day’s tasks.

I’ve been working from home and on-site for the past seven years and find it challenging to go back to a full-time office job. During the pandemic, many people realised how productive they could be while working from home.

I do my best to let my clients and colleagues know that I am productive and responsive, even when working from my home office.

This allows me to create a system for my workflow and work fewer hours. “

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